“The Wisconsin Court Reporters Association is committed to achieving the highest level of professional standards when capturing the spoken word.  Educational enrichment and technological advancement are vital in maintaining the honor and integrity of our profession while serving the public and judicial system.”  

Adopted in April 2013

President's Message

by Lindsay DeWaide, RMR, CRR

I am humbled and honored to begin my term as president of  WCRA.  It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest leaders in the industry; and I will do my very best to fill these big shoes as I lead this association for the next two years, furthering the excellent work of previous presidents and leaders and continuing to build on our great foundation.  I credit Chris Willette, Karla Sommer, and Mary Bader for leading me down the path of service this past six years, a path that has been demanding, challenging, and extremely rewarding.  Their contagious passion, energy, and dedication has inspired me to be the best I can be and to give back to a profession that has given so much to me.  Stepping into a leadership role has brought me closer to people throughout Wisconsin and across the country I might never have known and has allowed me to grow tremendously, both personally and professionally.  Thank you as well to Sheri Piontek, Past President, for your continued guidance and leadership.

I want to acknowledge the following outgoing board members who have served you honorably and have dedicated their talent and volunteered a great deal of time for the betterment of our profession:  Karla Sommer, Judy Zickert, Michelle Gudex, and Melissa Stark.  They deserve an enormous thank you from all of us for their outstanding work and commitment over the years. 

Second, I want to welcome WCRA’s newly elected directors:  Jannell Mineau, Kris Wurgler, Samantha Shallue, and Colleen Clark.  Together with our continuing board members – Jackie Rupnow, Sheri Piontek, Lynn Penfield, Paulette Norby-Knoll, Sarah Hart, and Erica Schueler – I am confident we have a strong and dedicated Board of Directors.  I am grateful to work with such talented and hard-working individuals.  I look forward to continuing our important work towards fulfilling the mission of WCRA.

There are two main priorities I intend to focus on during my tenure.  Of highest importance is the dire need for new professionals in the field.  It is no secret our numbers are dwindling.  We will continue to enhance our student recruitment and retention efforts to address the looming shortage.  This leads me to the second biggest focal point, to strengthen and motivate membership.  We need to cultivate more members and, in turn, more leaders.  We all need to invest and work together to preserve our future.  I hope to instill the importance of participation and the sense of togetherness and unity in our state. 

As stated in my acceptance speech, I would like to add a call to action.  I encourage you to reflect upon what you can do to play your part.  Whether that is committee service, attending a local career fair, helping with the A to Z Program, mentoring a student or new professional, educating the public about out what we do, recruiting a new member, instilling passion in those around you, these are all important in maintaining the health of our beloved profession.  Get involved.  Let your passion and commitment shine.  Dare to make a difference!  I promise the return is always greater than the investment.

Thank you for having the confidence in me as your president.  I am humbled to serve.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about our association, or you would like additional information about court reporting as a profession, please contact us at president.wcra@gmail.com.

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